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How is alloy wheel refurbishment done?

If the unfortunate happens and you damage your alloy wheels you may feel that the damage is too severe. Thankfully, professional technicians can fix most damaged alloy wheels and have them shining and looking as fresh as new. Should you scratch your alloy wheels on a kerb or mark them on busy urban streets most refurbishment can eliminate scratches and abrasions. Let’s have a brief dive into how alloy wheel refurbishment is done and what it is that we do here to mend your damaged alloy wheels. The steps we take to refurbish your alloy wheels: Cleaning your tyres and … Continue reading

4 Common types of alloy wheel damage

Damage to your beloved alloy wheels can be an expensive and annoying occurrence. Cost and repair times depend on the type of alloy wheel damage and its extent. Thankfully, most alloy wheel damage is cosmetic and can be fixed and refurbished. When your alloy wheel damage is too severe it may be time to replace your alloy wheels, but before we do that, let’s have a look at some of the common types of alloy wheel damage that we see regularly with our clients. 4 Common types of alloy wheel damage: Kerbing: Probably one of the easiest and most common … Continue reading

Diamond Cut Wheel Repair Explained

very popular on vehicles 2020 Diamond-Cut Alloy Refurbishment Diamond-Cut alloys are becoming more and more popular. This type of alloy is now one of the key components in the design of modern vehicles. A Diamond Cut alloy is an alloy wheel that has had part or all of the painted surface removed to leave a shiny finish. The alloy is then lacquered over to prevent corrosion. Diamond cut alloys add appeal and luxury to the appearance of new vehicles. However, many owners will be unaware that these alloys are more difficult to repair. Diamond-Cut alloys cannot be repaired at home, … Continue reading

Alloy Wheel Refurbishment Techniques

keeping you in the know Wheel Doctor Alloy Wheel Refurbishment Techniques ALLOY WHEEL REFURBISHMENT TECHNIQUES Accidentally scuffing your shiny alloy wheels is a pretty good way to ruin your day. Even your week!  High kerbs, distractions and enormous potholes can all be causes of damage. Plus it can happen to even the most cautious of drivers. But minor Alloy Wheel damage can usually be repaired at home or by a professional, so there’s no need to panic. There is no denying that alloy wheels are stylish, but if you have ever noticed how quickly they can become damaged or tarnished, it becomes … Continue reading

Diamond Cut Wheel Repair Centre

scuffed your wheels we can help based in horley-surrey rh6 9rs  wheelthing alloy wheel repair centre  visit us for repair refurbishment of your wheels 01342459094

Wheelthing Alloy Wheel Scuff Repair Service Horley

Mobile alloy wheel repair service to take care of kerb scuff damage and damage from road salts and stones. We can collect the car from you and return it when the alloy wheel repair has been completed, or we can carry out the repair at your premises. When your wheels hit the kerb, it can cause scuff marks which will get worse over time if not treated properly. Our diamond cut alloy wheel repair service can return your wheels back to their original beauty. We can repair and modify callipers hubs wheels finished in a colour of your choice Change … Continue reading

Acid Stripping

Here at wheel doctor we offer a full refurbishment where the wheels are acid stripped to get absolutely anything and everything off of them to bring them back to as new condition. Don’t worry if your wheels have corrosion or the paints started to peel or flake we can help you. We are based in Smallfield close to Horley-Crawley-Surrey

Can your diamond cut wheel be repaired?

Yes your diamond cut wheel can be repaired and kept original at our workshop in Smallfield, we will remove all the kerbing and scuff damage and re cut the face of the wheel on our CNC lathe.We are based in Smallfield near Horley-Crawley-Surrey

Alloy Wheel Buckle Repair

Before Straightening  After Straightening If you have pot hole damage or hit a kerb hard its bent your wheel we can fix it here at Wheel Doctor, saves you the cost of purchasing a new wheel.Professional and safe repair.Take a look at our before and after pictures. We are based near Horley-Crawley-Surrey-Sussex

Golf Monza style – before going into lacquer

This is the Golf monza style wheel freshly cut on the CNC lathe about to go into lacquer. Next post will be once the wheel is out of lacquer to be cooled then have the tyre applied. We are based near Horley-Crawley-Surrey-Sussex