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Colour Change

Thinking about changing the colour/finish of your wheels? These wheels are currently polished, they will be going to a gloss black. We will be posting a photo when the process is complete. We are close to Horley-Crawley-Surrey

Volvo XC90

Volvo XC90 wheel with the diamond cut face in a Satin/Matte finish, completed today ready to go back to the customer.We are based in Horley-Crawley-Surrey

Peugeot Wheels

This is another set of wheels completed today on a Peugeot, the colour used is Ferric Grey and the finish is gloss.We are close to Horley-Crawley-Surrey

Have you got the diamond cut finish?

How to tell if you have diamond cut wheels. Diamond cut wheels can be hard to tell if the insert painted section is the same colour, however If you look closely you will see very fine lines like the back of a CD, there is also a high shine around the rim and onto the spokes. This finish cannot be replicated mobile and can only be created on our CNC lathe which we have in our workshop.Many people believe that when this type of wheel is damaged it cannot be fixed but here at Wheel Doctor we can repair it … Continue reading

Audi Rota wheel

Satin/Matte finish with Diamond cut edge  Here is one of our most recent completions today done in a satin/matte finish.We are close to Horley-Crawley-Surrey