Golf Monza style – before going into lacquer

This is the Golf monza style wheel freshly cut on the CNC lathe about to go into lacquer. Next post will be once the wheel is out of lacquer to be cooled then have the tyre applied. We are based near Horley-Crawley-Surrey-Sussex

Diamond cut wheel repair service crawley surrey

Alloy-Wheel-Repair-Crawley-Horley-Surrey. Wheel Doctor Crawley are experts in diamond cut wheel repairs from kerb cuffing to wheel straightening , crack welding, full acid dip, full factory finishing , we offer a collection and return service.same day smart repairs , so if you have just scraped the kerb we can fix that via our mobile units or just drop the car down to us at smallfields horley surrey.

Golf Monza Style Alloy

Before diamond cutting. This is a Golf Monza style alloy just gone through the full acip strip and powder coat in black about to go onto the CNC lathe to be cut. I will add a photo when the wheel is complete.We are based in Horley-Crawley-Surrey-Sussex

Alloy Wheel Refurbishment

When you bring your car to us. When your car is brought to us, we apply axle stands safely under the vehicle and a cover to keep off the dust or any chemicals.Vehicles that come to us are in for the full factory finish, the wheels are fully acid stripped, bought back to as new, powder coated & diamond cut.We are based in Smallfield close to Horley-Crawley-Surrey

VW Golf Monza Wheels

These wheels are all done and completed ready for the customers return, we loaned him some wheels whilst his were in for repair. We are based in Smallfield, close to Horley-Crawley-Surrey

Lexus Shadow Chrome Causes Problems

Available now, in house shadow chrome same day wheel repair. Wheel Doctor offers smart repairs mobile & in house, diamond cutting and powder coating.We are based in Smallfield close to Crawley-Horley-Surrey-

Custom Colours on a budget

Change the colour of your wheel add a little custom, gloss black with a sparkle , wheel doctor Alloy+wheel+Repair+Crawley+Surrey       custom colours on a affordable budget, mobile wheel scuff repair and workshop full in house factory finish.

Mobile Alloy Wheel Repair

If you have a standard painted wheel with minor kerbing & scuff damage we can send one of our mobile technicians out to you.He will require access to electricity with his 25m cable, your locking wheel nut & suitable parking for his van so he doesn’t get moved on during the repair.He cannot go into any height restricted areas. We cover 25 miles round Gatwick. We are close to Horley-Crawley-Surrey

Alloy Wheel Repair Crawley Horley Surrey

Mobile diamond cut alloy wheel repair service Horley. We are are based in Crawley, but work all across Surrey and Sussex regularly. We are constantly assisting clients in Horley Surrey and we cover 25 miles around the Gatwick Airport area. Get in touch for a free quote to fix your alloy wheels .